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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  November 16, 2016 6:00am-8:01am EST

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good at morning it's wednesday thanks.an616 his week. time is longer is letting us knower you need to visitors a fe come by take a look at the forecast up some intermittent light rain some popcorn take
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for that about five minutes the since the front to thethe metaphoric to western the dainik
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you going a little over this.thi the just wanted to let you know influence a good thing to watch your speedflu. another tape transition and turmoil within that trump team
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within the white house. protesters continuewit to chang. they returned trump tower to start filling in the rostery r e gingrich is trying to create are new post a long-term national white house position how does that fit the long-term goals focus on. t the finance chairman city the
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he ticket for dinner with should no idea and never would have reporters in the dark. 6:04 a.m. is jessica dill has more on this undefeated in with
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defense attorneys all night out there case for why he should not die by lethal injection killed three people's than three and others. the 23 -year-oldee we're all killed. the jury also convicted of
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hard to watch. >> prosecutors say this that the gang involved shooting necessity of accident to two other shooting was just released from prison two months before the barbershop shooting than to make jessica dill reporting contactct devon lo shooting kent state students will be in he was sentenced to the death penalty yesterday. two moreteeat are also accused f killing nicolas mesa during home invasion a n friend's apartment back in february for thatth pretrial hearings today tried tape that's for next tuesday. and ashland man admits ne hehe
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brock turner pleaded guilty in a plea deal with prosecutors at least $8,000 worth of damage like a man with an if all driving. he feels that you guys that wera alongside and traffic were staring in and after he cap c pelted they were laughing at them as they took off. they have now installed security cameras the suspects could face
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aggravated assault. it's been way it opened in june they had set superior with the opened up first traffic that never happen their chances of
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has thickened up we have someso showers on radar is some is in and will lookis further west inn here on county where they havee remained mostly clear. with the west clouds ofclo increased will that cold. was he will be out of here. forty-seven. with 47 and we start to see popular 30 here for the rest of close through little place of
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will come from and tonight is pacific ocean with the jet have a strong in the musty makeup of the" which is with the aleutian islands that everything is pushed in and the ridge of warmth continues to the phone spent portland tradition of holiday we mentionedspe of
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old and so we can find up out of the northwest that's the lake effect is going to kick in its place to. to t enhance snow accumulations. in -- able to more about that tomorrow temperatures mid.hat the steelers it will be the first in this is the third exit
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no space it's very good to be below average wayne back to you. >> donald trump and they makethe
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o he wants to load it up with som dead do with me other persons that is for 80 congress has been translating any of the string this video from the student newspaper the lincoln shows thet student running into an anti- he wasrotestersrs arrested. friends and family members say that he is fa form of autism and yourm challenges with unusual situations. i know he his words for what he's trying to do in his personal life. it's painful to watch because of
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this person is. he's on bond after being charged with assault.on the victim was not seriously he's doing it right here in ohiooi he gained fame and pounds and he ate only at mcdonald'son for 30 disease god to make many other documentary 3 they justthe announced the his chicken restaurant in only chicken will start the setter down in columbusrt , latest is test market for fast food. google just announced an easy
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just a copy without a misfire. it's not just a photo of a phott if you thought looks like. that so quote. that was released last night we tried it out and it's pretty amazing.d there's no clear the service are adopted to gross
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cleveland and solon more of a somewhat lazy it was a mixture still tracking into litchfieldill in the increasing cloud cover late last night which is been in the 40sin we been that 50 here is most of us
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the expression it's a small world sure applies for this next storysur todd meany is here to explain.d m they became friends after they adoptedey girls they have been busy half-sistersr this an amazing is that they are from different orphanage with 1.3 billion people their childi to china back in 2010 the liveel just a few minutes early in they are wednesday they said said that she describes the mother's
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she decided to do a dna test and i pulled a picture stacy came up one day she said i want to get their did i from different town different orphanages vicious no the test results showlts there's a 99.7 percent of their half-sisters 9 that means that they are on notice of its the mom with the dead" to the same score the same church they are
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two different cities like that is regular adoptees to it's incrediblel. update on on your weather and local firefighters in trouble for precedents candy to hollowingca does anybody have ab problem with
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we countdown to the salmon first teste midges currently live net to her two boys were talking about thislyt is been a very 55r
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to be celebrating the and talking monthto his check it ot to see what's happening here thh clots in the rain coming off we have a shower and solon was the shot at a avon lake the coverage on the shower activity is pretty light. storm fox tutor sec shower over a shower in euclid also showers
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warm the answer lies in the northern pacific ocean go for the middle of the asian home these things aren't terribly what's happening now is that shutting down air it's boosting the warmth in ridge in the middle of the country is is will is been so warm i us going to change is the buckle of the jetstream is going to allow the passage of the meet the nature of weather systemss changing personal 50s slushy let's
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this fall is going to check over the middle of michigan.he is the lake effect will be fairly pronouncedis it is way to early to the specifics as to who's going to see whatec once get inside a couple of days while the better 80oa any chans the depth of the coldfusionan alter the lake effect. and you go. you're going to be sending.g. i don't get the day. you might want to keep an eye on your monday morning traffic for
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our that is into the downtown deathly more line as you head to theyo public. not affecting your morning commute that has been completed and mov state.bee this will be friday evening jackson stuck too shabbye a quk 11 that you may want to sell just a bit. fifteen minute commute. the seat to cut what's happening
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might've been the easy they're going over news they seek to its very organize until making those who the sign outside t second time done of thatth work on the transition continues to not let some people poses said second major shakeup after governor kristi was moved aside. sources say former new york mayor a close confidant donald trump is a leading candidate for
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there were hundreds marching in america must night. rudy giuliani caused thender protesters goons and thugs. this is more hunting question in late no space. wayne and kristi good morning. we been almost two years since thesesew barbershop grantors hes found guilty of their murders
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attorneys will layout i know from her afford jury found the 21 youfou are guilty with a slef charges including aggravated murder and murder specification making him eligible for the the 20 -year-old they were all killed sponsors (-left-parenthesis on is not official was found guilty. some release, because this is as long process for us.
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orchestrated amber the service of jail cell the brother of four people killed in the barbershop and killed four months later after the shooting in his grandmother start with the mother februarydmot first two ss and one year local firefighters are car instead passing out candy halloween night 's firefighters may be halloween hands toir the states that no trouble at the brook preferred apartment some
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the problem with this had a gain halloween candy. a problem with it as they take two thirds of our playing capabilities and without trick-or-treating he says tenant now suspended with pay as this patchyp looks and what happened. i can think of milk and compelling reason mil an officen check in and in the same vehicle they argue there is still ready to respond to cause.
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every year import part fox 8 i team. an a quick look at sports is one is the very best time in franchise after ten games for the
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rebound of life richer some of guess and guess who works innd e audience. they sit here and give an average of triple doubles i thought it was crazy but maybe not f we're going to get plugged in w were talking about the electoral college. when people are upset that hillary clinton is leading the popular vote.
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to cause them to go to trump that's how we elect our president it's a series of like the house of representatives veryre have this basin populatit get another look 1212 thoughts and that goesesg hillary clinton leaning the popularla put a proposal is all based onad the popular vote here's we need that led to a collins emotional a handful of citiesem we electle oral colleges no longer need it
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for the below so that the people speak. we go through this every electionheplek. violence want t his other supporters the losing party.y. i would've campaigns in florida is there was just based on popular felt that it would go to the most popular cities and that's a you a campaign's us are mostly of folks would come not being outlived rural areas where he did well. when you think about that a lot 12 college talk about an amazing day one local boy said to let
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hand-dipped, with real milk, is the only way to make a milkshake. you can't trust machines. now, how come? once, i got a machine-made shake from some other place, and it clanked and clunked and spit out a glop into my glass. and do you know what it was made of? artificial turf? what? what? powder! chowder? (announcer) get half-price holiday milkshakes between 2 and 5 during happy hour.
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the journey here almost didn't happen. he's the love of our life. it was diagnosed with the rear heart diseaseit w sight i was with him as a day every night.ig during those dark days he was always looking forward. we're going to get you suitedngp for your training dreaming of the day he could become an astronaut. five, four, three, two, one. pretty exciting stuff. things to a heart transplant that tape
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i got to fly around and exploited the one thing we had to do before we get eric t kraft is to the pre- fight. the vacancy clear. >> yes. that dream launched jacob to the auenn research centerr maia belay, fox 8 news. ne >> what a great story. the coffee quiz a scott when we
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for thequi rap career job of the day car for more information ons and other jobs click the jobs
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nursing they slowdowns tonight will see a lot of trafficfic downtown. like i said right nowow it'sit starting to get a little slow will soon as the storm for 90 just are perchings t east 55th with a traffic signal is this is a peek at downtown the left lane this with the teacher to 90 eastbound that's always the test when as that'schewa down to just one lae folks coming across 90 spentpent trying to get over to current make those tough merge point as well. no.o. backups but we do have morere volume as you head with that inn about bridge. they could news is we're running accident free.d fisher eight-day and the coffee
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>> here's storm fox rotary it's moving in manyrm spots hit this morning with a few showers coming to cleveland about an hour ago co we got some rain jn to the east of euclid heading up western jacket county and middle 30s think any like his mouth think were looking at theatershink probably little moe than it does state enough to scrape off your windshield for
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don't leave your hearts outside they may not stop it. although states for thanksgiving last year as before thanksgiving.atan all no idea what to do get first to you said i got it. is the one with a photographic
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i don't know. i'm jumping right out. i'm going to sayrig october 27. the correct answer is october 17 we d distance there were conflict two months after supper we did have snow before hollowing and thought it was going to snowfall on julyore and it did it is fantastic last year.yea bunch of stuff here. something here. thank you will talk to you later. goodbye.
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to kick it with kenny crumpton. is that the great lakes science center. civic good i'm not mark in her sons target on my back there's one in front of me.e's it's on the second unit injured but will explain when we come back. seced
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coming into downtown that is only the landmine heavy though) will take you into thehe plane.a rampla is just one lane it is congested just aboute every morning. as you head into town.
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donald trump's team provide to take over as though white ago white house in team of t advises taking shape now o but not witht turmoil. hunkered down working on a transition the president elect treated the process is very organizedd some blamed the his son-in-law for the latest.h mie
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establishedd voice on the team. this all ase president obama makes his fines final trip such a predictable election. >> you have seenh some of the rhetoric among activists and media some of that is it is pretty troubling.t and not necessarily connected to facts, butot being mobilize people, and the obviously, president-elect trump cap tapped into that particular strain. >> vice president elect mike pence heads to washington to meet with congressional leaders.
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sentenced to two days he was found guilty of killing three insider warrensville heights barbershop. >> the jury looks now to see if you should face the death penalty. good morning. >> this was all long drawnout trial that would on for weeks. i only took the jury one day to find him have t to decide if you should e put to death for the crime. he was convicted of opening fire class of february killing the owner on employee and other customers. they say he is part of a gang andt it was game related.d thirty-four -year-old was one of them and killed inside the barbershop. four months later his brother was shot and killed in the driveway
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prosecutors say he wasme a witns and identified him as the shooter he was then also convicted of orchestrating and smarter from hisn jail cell. a mother left to bury bury two sons and one earo. >> no words because i lost two sons, and my heart is still hurting will have have to be put to death by lethal injection. >> an update on our top local story. thank you very much. the dunkin' donuts was robbed overnight happening at 2:00 o'clock on cedar road from
7:06 am
there for delivery when the suspect entered the door to the backd door getting away with unknown amounts of cash. two more a also accused of killing e 18 -year-old for the suspects who've been using slingshots and marbles to break out windows since sunday five for businesses and three vehicles have been hit causing at leaste $8,000 in damage in one case a man was hit in the year whilen driving polie say they are looking for two men seeing driving with us over to door w with a spring the springn the they were staring t
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were laughing at him as he took off. chris evans called security cameras for suspects could face felony vandalism charges and felony aggravated assault. >> this morning we knowow rta buses w will not return to publc square mayor frank jackson says they will remain closed jackson's is the city will look to make changes outside the square to help commuters. >> 707 a.m. on this wednesday morning. a why the president's meeting with european leaders just ahead of leaving the white house. >> amazon chomping its own when you can find the onlinem black friday deals coming up we will
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next coming up. >> the temperatures have stayed between 45 and 50r. the front s moving out a big cool down with the snow over the weekend.wn we do have two accidents that will
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obama continues his final trip overseas arriving in berlin. he was increased yesterday with thousands were thousands protested his visitit as well as the election of donald trump obama has been meeting with european leaders and ensuring them trample on her long-standing european alliances. ahead of that trip a senior member concern confirms the chancellor will run next year. >> protest popped up in cities across the country over the nort nearly 1,000 marchers filled the streets of san francisco tuesday as part of a national day of solidarity for the standing rock sioux tribe in north dakota. press protesters also oppose thp pipeline and portland phoenix the end kansas city and other western cities. they call a $3.7 billion project an environmental disaster. proponents say it could help the
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independently. >> a bill that would allow terminally ill patients to and their ownt lives. it was approved earlier this month by an 11 ?- two vote for the bill would allow patients with fewer ton six months to live request lethal medication from their doctors. that would let their patients die in their sleep. physicians physician's physicians assistant stark as is legal in fiveia states. >> it seems the black friday sales get longer and one from one for each years rolling out what it callsn its black friday deals. it announces it will offer bargains on a variety of products. they say some of the best chances to get a great deal will help them between thanksgiving day and the monday that follows with these cyber monday you can start great event. don't go anywhere. >> thirty-eight days nine hours 47 minutes and 28 seconds until christmas.
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out patty harkin. >> unfortunately, two accidents that will affect your morning commute will startff out on east lake. a couple of lanes are blocked two cars in the semitruck talking with the dispatch dispatcher this morning route two eastbound you will find it to you later. the other problem is down here. in the left berm 77 northbound in the left berm no acte there. but we will see slowdowns 77 northbound w the sw traffic almost starts right around route 18 to 71 at broadway is definitely getting busy with a lot of brake lights northboundnd we look at drive
7:14 am
minute commute, but if we do break it down. >> i know i hate when the cooker doesn't work. >> we will break it down when we see a lot more delays out there the clicker is not working but we do have an accident tow trucks have been called to the scene. weather looks good today and tomorrow but things will change carriers a a look at the forecast.e >> things will change dramatically on saturday we still have a change in a good way until then ?- storm fox radar still showing shower they came to king cleveland the waste of showers and painesville and chardon and if you down into streetsboro with the carjackers affect the breeze out oft the west and northwest keeping temperatures in the 40s and lower 50s. aer quick look at the radar showing nothing redeveloping out west. the showers again moving through lake geauga portage county and
7:15 am
alliance. some clearing and sandusky down to 42. reports of heavy fogt in central, and our central and western ohio. thath is really about it. clouds breezy todayit showers moving om not many of us but those of us getting a quick shower will see it of disappearing. there is te rain with the geneva on the lake. showers moving into northern mahoning county.g warming up tomorrow why is it been so warm? here is the indication, and we have to look way up into the northern pacific ocean theno jetstream, which is very strong, but the strength is abnormally high. when you buckle into the jetstream a lot
7:16 am
what is happening is it has not moved a lot. it shuts down the movement of cold air. what. happens is that boosts the warmth building a bridge in the middle of the country until the strong jetstream is there and it is showing signs of weakening w and buckling allowing for the warm weather the next couple of days to finally leave us and route to a big cool down. seventys friday 30s by saturday evening rain early sa going up intoe the 40s and then a quick drop with slushy, wet snow late saturday into saturday may andtu then we start to get into the like affect too early because a it is a localized eve conditions are favorable. we have about 67 conditions that need to be. we are leaning toward some pretty significant accumulations in many locations
7:17 am
numbers occur saturday night into sunday a break tuesday and wednesdaynd and we will see what happensha beyond that wednesday into thanksgiving day we could have travel problems in thero middle of the country thanksgiving day into friday. whether that means rain and wind or snow our a mixture of all three we don't >> we will definitely keep you posted 17 minutes after do you tock. what about the electoral college as we keep it or gett rid of it? >> good morning. one of our producers said he graduated from the electoral college. >> i like it. it's not a real college. >> you said a sweatshirt and everything. >> there is aa debate right now senator barbara boxer is proposing to get rid of the electoral college we know hillary clinton won the popular vote if that happens any get rid
7:18 am
vote that decides not the electoral college. taking a light of comments. kayla on instagram says i do think it is outdated. popular vote is the voice of the people.. >> the candidates space their campaigns onpa the electoral college if they had run a popular vote they would have worked in major cities were. >> it is a critical to world of the constitution preventing one area of the nation from dominating the others. would take a constitutional amendment which is true legislatures would never agree with that why would they allow handfuly of states dictate the vote. it would take two thirds majority but a number of states as well. >> diane if we work with the popular vote we would have a much greater turnout. half of america does notou feel their ve counts.
7:19 am
wonder if there would be greater voter turnout if you had something like that. of course we don't know because that's not how the country works at this. >> it is unlikely it would pass we want to hear from you do you think the electoralteondvmeca co be removed? is outdated or do you like the way things are now get a hold of us we will havell voicemails coming at. get to some of those. >> nineteen minutes after 7:00 o'clock is your time right now. we tosses out to kenny crumpton. >> good morning, everyone. have you ever heard of the musical banana? how can you turn this into a musical instrument?hi we are going ape over this side dish. when we come back i'm not kidding. kicking it with kenny. >> also this morning, it is time for the fox eight stork report
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three -month-old jackson. i love that name. that's my brother's name he has two big has two big brothers and big sister congratulations just
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back to the big show 7:23 a.m. is your time right now. kenny is having fun with bananas. they christie, hey wayne. good to see you guys. these something that you're the second year doing turkey talk. this is the escalator they their escalator they have a clearr pretty needs. okay we are
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thanksgiving. trying to find a way to make it march the arm way more wavest waves then you can imagine. the chemistry lab we will have hopefully a surprise celebrity chef.l pour a little bit of late east into the water and when we do this so ?- that was perfect on what makes it up for you. she will talk a little bit science really is super is essential for makingd the perfet thanksgiving dinner when you are ready to go ahead and make them them.out and poor that into the biscuit mixhe .-dot should be enough. we will just but-d that is it there on the demise, summarize like biscuits usually do. i see it moving. that is
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little too much used in here. i don't know. here it goes. here it goes. that will continue to do what used does which is react to the chemicals and make superduper fluffy biscuits for dinner. the other thing is chemistry with collar. so you haveng a super magical juice in your hands when you pour it into separate containers we know it is something is happening it is channg going to go through all the science behind it but we see a variety of different shades appearing from pink and red and yellowha and then asked ask is probably my favoritend pink and green and purple and blue. i
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a party a place of music we wile use the bananas. it's not working for me. you don't have the groove, kenny. i don't have the group i thought it was groovy i thought it was goofy. it is actually a chair, holding onto the seller alligator clip and we have a connectedal circuit when you all that you complete the and we have it connected to a computer program this is the something air using the electricity in your bodye ai you can make musi.
7:27 am
musical bananas. i'm not going to say anything else. when we come back, lots to show you guys right herewe l with musical ban
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>> will come back to fox eight news in the morning. it looks a little check in with patty and just a few moments that does not look like it's going to be a nice day.lolo we had a shower or two minutes ago. >> it is actually over your
7:31 am
their areas of fog further west as well we need to keep an eye on thatgel breaks and breaks of sun the will generally claim up to the middle 50s later on middle 50s mostly sunny on thursday. the reason why a very strong jetstream work that boosts the it boosts the warmth of itwo wih the big cool down coming in on
7:32 am
look at the 30s and that0 translates into rain and wet snow during the day saturday. sure if it is an accident or disabled but it is out there right there by 480 with the left lane affected you can kind of theater the flashing lights are on the vehicle police are not yet on the scene once they get their there will be more backups for sure. seventy-seven but travel times in some of those affected areasas from the turnpe
7:33 am
eastbound1 not too bad parts for that accident out there less volume heading eastbound as big of a slowdown put 20 minutes between route eight and 422 just normal volume out there. that accident 77 northbound has been cleared away. >> thank you very much we want to get you caught up on the story with another day of transition and turmoils lobbying for positions in the white house. mozart protesters are marching in chanting against the election. we have the latest. >> good morning, vice president a lot mike pence returned to trump towers to start towers to start feeling in the roster. gingrich's trying to create a new post for himself is sort of long-term national white house
7:34 am
how does that fit the long-term goals and that is what i want to focus on.s >> this finance campaign manager is considered the top pick for treasury secretary the president-elect wilbur ross doctor ben carson he ran for president anchoring for secretary of health and human services took himself outr with this signing is lack of experience. to the streets again the crowd estimated a thousand in and akron. >> we really want to focus on inclusiveness and unity andnd strength in numbers. we want to make sure thato the racism, the hatred, the bigotry that has been going on from both sides stops. >> the president-elect gave
7:35 am
said he was p in for the night e later said n she has no idea wht a bummer not really porters reporters in the dark.k. but there are reasons for the media to be with them and kind of what everybody else is done.d >> the jury convicted a 21 -year-old man in the murder of three people out of warrensville heights barbershop is said to hear arguments about whether he should receive the death penalty. >> we got more with theth sentencing you what the victims familiesi are saying this morning.a >> hopefully some closure could be coming to all the families involvedhe in this horrible
7:36 am
relieved when he was found guilty however a lot of them saying they won't be able to move on until after today's sentencing. around 8:30 a.m. defense attorneys will lay out the case for whyar douglas shy d should not die by lethal injection he was convicted earlier this month of opening fire inside the chuck winds barbershop in february 2015 killing three wounding three others. the jury also convicted him of conspiring to kill a witness. they have been waiting today for a long time they say they want the closure especially after a long hard trial many telling usr they were disturbed by his lack of emotion when the guilty verdict was read. >> to have no remorsei, to have majors, to not have a heart for the things that you have done,
7:37 am
>> prosecutors say this was a gang involved shooting. he was also ash charged with two other shootings prior to the february barbershopa shooting he was released from prison in december before thenths february shooting. >> an update on our top local story this morning. let's talk about your cleveland indian seamen out indians you may not have won the world series, buta their skipper has one another manager of the year award. american league and central league and central division championships winning 22 of the 30 votes. >> i think the reasons it happens is because coacheses players front office do their to their job so well, and i ended up winning an award. i wish they could maybe change the name of it or something because i
7:38 am
and i a get to take a bow becaue of so many other people's hard work. >> very humbled.. >> he won his first manager of the year award back in 2013. his first year with the cleveland indian. >> congratulations. >> so, the indians amazing one of the world series is now up in the cuyahoga county animal shelter. they are donating 100 pounds of food for every run the tribe scored pounds of cap food will be dropped off this morning. the volunteer coordinator says although it was a hard thing for the indians it was a big win one for the shelter. b isn't that great? that's great. >> itat is 7:38 a.m. still ahead ?- is the electoral college outdated? should we moved to
7:39 am
elections? we take your comments next as we get plugged
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our cameras get unprecedented
7:44 am
interesting fox eight exclusive tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> also, a reminder to vote for your favorite school. next fox eight cool school we will announce the winning school thursday featuring them thursday right here on fox eight in the morning. scott sable, good morning.
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and the forecast is also looking back at the illustrious hall of fame career here in cleveland. also doing another myriad of other activities. storm fox radar we have had some
7:48 am
any conduct design especially
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going to happen? turkey tech it is the second year they have done that. i really ingenious way to infuse science and a thanksgiving. so dante ?- one of our science demonstrations were trying to answer the questions to turkeys fly so it kind of have fun with that understanding the physics of life things can fly being up in the air against gravity. we have a lot of fun using leaf blowersof of how when things moe in the area they change the
7:54 am
consider that is verifiable turkey and let turkey and let me get mind going herea is to make it just so average of the weather born in your pocket. >> yesf ea yes. all right. and once we get this site off, we will try to get them launched okay?y >> i am assuming we want to stay directly under? >> actually, minute show you f really get ino it here you want a fast-moving air above it because that will change the air pressure in a away the forces on the bottom i
7:55 am
>> isn't that amazing? isn't that amazing. wow. t to see what a cake can be a kid and adults can get away with it. >> it's like in my basement when i am playing playstation. a kid can p be a kid. >> how does laverne feel? >> well, you know, foxing azure only news, weather and traffic until 10:00 a.m. coming up at the top of the hour ?- >> donald trump ditches the media agai?d and cut the
7:56 am
trouble? we will talk about that. >> good morning. the man found guilty of killing three and a barbershopop last february wile sentenced today. coming up we will hear from the family members of victims. >> talking about the electoral college when senator proposes to eliminate it. what do you think thatat would do to presidential electionso of the future? >> the showers are min with clouds developing this morning temperatures 70 in the upper 40s to near 50s when we will see sunshine are we looking at record warmth before the snow? we will have a look. >> and it is all about thanksgiving. how to lower your guests with your table. we have great from the greenhouse in hudson with some tips on your
7:57 am
will be in the studio with uniquema ideas. >> he always does susan g? and if you are hitting the road are flying the friendly skies for the holiday season, we have the latest drought in trouble
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
because tenacious? >> we have all felt scott's. exceptt it i after the new showi said i just have to feel it. >> i did it to to i had to touch it storm fox radar let's look here showers and jefferson and painesville and a fewow over the lake. it is the conduct now that l is worn with the clouds rolling over the deck. the winters picking up 15 year ande eastlake same deal 51 fox eight with a few locations into the lower 40s. sandusky and down into the area. the visibility


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